Divisional Secretariat - Jaffna - Staff


Divisional Secretary 

Name :           Mr.Sambaivam Sutharsan 
Qualification- Srilanka Administrative  Service I

Work History-

Assistant Commissioner of Lobour ,Ministry of Labour 01.01.2007-30.09.2018.

Assistant Project Director ,Disstrict Rehablitation and Recostruction Secretariat 01.01.2008-03.06.2013 .

Deputy Project Director,Re-Awakening Project  11.02.2010-30.04.2015.

Deputy Project Director,Emergency Nothern Recovery Project 29.02.2012-31.03.2014.

Deputy Project Director, Strategis Cities Development Project 06.01.2016-05.05.2017.

Assistant District Secretary ,District Secretariat,Jaffna 03.07.2013-28.02.2019.

Divisional Secretary,Jaffna 01.03.2019-Up to now.

Assistant Divisional Secretary

   Name :   Mrs.Shobiga Roi Robinson 
Qualification- Srilanka Administrative  Service III



Work History-

Assistant Secretary Ministry of Rehablitation ,Resettlement ,Prison Reform 23.02.2018-26.03.2018

Assistant Divisional Secretary,Divisional Secretariat ,Point Pedro 02.04.2018-11.04.2019

Assistant Divisional Secretary,Divisional Secretariat Jaffna 2019-04.12-Up to now.


   ACC Name : Mr.Soodamaney Ahelan
Qualification- Srilanka Accountancy  Service
 Work History-

Development Assistant 01.07.2005-20.04.2008

Divisional Secretariat ,Kopay.

District Secretariat,Jaffna ,NEHRP Project,Ministry of Nation Building.

Accountant   Cad ate 21.04.2008-27.08.2008-Srilanka Development Administration (SLIDA) Colombo 07.

Accountant 06.01.2012-05.05.2015 Department of Industries ,Northern Province

Accountant 06.05.2015-28.02.2019 Department of Buildings ,Northern Provincial council

Divisional Secretariat,Jaffna. 05.03.2019-Up to now.

Assistant Director (Planning)  

  ADP NEW  Name :  Mr.Nadarajah Sarveswaran

Srilanka Planing Service III

Work History-


Trainee, Development Programme assistant,District Planning Secretariat, Jaffna 1994.09.12 - 1997.5.14

Development Officer,District Planning Secretariat, Jaffna1997.05.15 - 2009.06.21

Assistant Director of Planning,SLIDA for SLPS introduction training - Colombo,2009.06.22 - 2009.12.31

Assistant Director of Planning,Office of the Deputy chief secretary,Planing NothernProvince 2010.01.01 - 2018.03.29

Assistant Director of Planning Divisional Secretariat ,Sandilipay 2018.04.02-07.05.2021

Assistant Director of Planning Divisional Secretariat ,Jaffna 10.05.2021 Up to now.

Administrative Officer 
   AO Name : Mrs. Krishanthy Yohachandran
Qualification- Public  Management  Assistant (Subra)

Work History -

Public Management Asst - Divisional Secretariat, Kayts (1999.05.03 - 2005.09.30)

Public Management Asst - Divisional Secretariat, Kayts (1999.05.03 - 2005.09.30)

Public Management Asst - Divisional Secretariat, Uduvil (2005.10.01 - 2015.12.31)

Public Management Asst - Divisional Secretariat, Tellippalai(2016.01.01 - 2018.06.07)

Public Management Asst - Dept. of Motor Traffic, Jaffna (2018.06.08 - 2019.08.22)

Administrative Officer, Divisional Secretariat,Velanai (2019.23.08- 2021.02.11)

Administrative Officer, Divisional Secretariat,Jaffna   (2021.02.12 - Up to now)

Grama Niladhari Admin   


GN Admin

Name : Mr.Johnpillai Paththinathan
Qualification- Gramaniladhari Admin  
Work      History- Divisional Secretariat ,Jaffna  up to now



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